John Travolta and Anaid K

John Travolta is an American actor, film producer, dancer, and singer. It was an honor to meet him on stage in L.A. and interview him about art and inspiration. He loved my art work and shared it with the audience of more than 2500 successful entrepreneurs from 71 countries!

John Travolta is a proud owner of my art work, called “Paper plane “!

John Travolta and Anaid K on stage in L.A.
John Travolta interview in Los Angeles

Ksenia Alterman-Polteva

Ksenia Alterman-Polteva is a famous Russian-Jewish singer, song writer, a woman of many talents is proudly posing with my art work at her home after another successful concert with lots of love and admiration (according to the amount of her flowers matching with my art 🙂

Beautiful  Ksenia Alterman-Polteva  with an art work by Anaid K


Serj Tankian from the SystemOfaDown

Serj Tankian is an Armenian-American singer-songwriter, composer, multi- instrumentalist, record producer, poet and political activist. He is best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist, and occasional live rhythm guitarist of the alternative metal band System of a Down

He is a proud owner of my Art work, called “Armenia” as it represents the colors of the flag!

Serj Tankian and Anaid K (Keshishian)